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    Hey All,
    Looking for a RL-19 powder recipe to go with my 225 Accubonds. I've looked in a lot of places but the numbers have me a little leery. My Hodgdon #27 manual says 75.5 as max charge, the Nosler says 72.5 and the Alliant say 78 (that seems high). Whats a good start and finish point. Thanks for the help.

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    You might look to see if there are differences in the OALs in those manuals. In a bottleneck rifle cartridge though, variances in bullet seating depth shouldn't make much difference at all.

    I think if it were me, I'd try maybe a grain under the max Nosler load since it's the most conservative and work up from there.


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    Try 74 behind the accubond...That is the max load in the new Nosler Manual and the most accurate.

    Probally best to go to 72 and work up to 74.

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    I burn a lot of R-19 in my .338. I haven't tried the Accubond yet, but even 72 sounds too High for a starter load to me. I'd back it off to 69-70. Also have you checked your chamber to see how far off the lands the published COAL will put you?


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