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    Default CZ Ultimate Hunting Rifle...

    Does anyone know anything about this upgraded CZ 550? It is billed as the Ultimate Hunting Rifle with a guarantee of MOA or better accuracy out to 1000 yards, comes in 300 Winny only (not a bad choice for long range accuracy) and special selected barrel and internal tollerances.

    It is pricey and can be bought in a package with special one piece scope mount and a NightForce 5.5-22x50 scope. Just wondered if anyone has shot one of these or knows about the rifle.
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    A lot of the reports I have been reading has backed the accuracy down to MOA to 600 yards....Still pretty **** good!!!!

    I am so impressed with CZ rifles....They are doing what Toyota did to the American Truck market....TAKE OVER!!!

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    Default Good Deal on one at Guns and Ammo

    They have one for about 1900 at Guns and Ammo on 6th.
    It seems extremely well made with super fit and finish.
    It doesn't have the Night force scope with it but it is new and looks good.




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