Anyone out there shooting or know of some AK Animal hunting good loads for 30-378? I have shot both sierra bullets and barnes original "X" but am finding the 180"s hard to find, now tsx seems to have replaced original. Just tested RL25 with the 180"S and WOW, avg 3450 fps and right @ MOA

With the Sierra's 165 HPBT # 2140,unreal, with RL19, very small sub MOA, I own the flyers, 3600+ fps but the bullets tend to break up after entry on moose, (great ld for sheep,goat n black bear) thus my change to barnes. Sierra with their lead tipped bullets will mushroom in the mag compromising the overall accuracy ( I may be splitting hairs here but accuracy is my goal). Any way I am looking for cost effective options as the barnes tsx are a bit expensive. Pls PM and I will share specific's as to charge weights I have shot,overall accuracy and FPS. FYI I shoot a Sako TRGS, 26" Barrel, factory stuff no mods.
tks much