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Thread: Kobuk River. Anyone Been There?

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    Default Kobuk River. Anyone Been There?

    I am thinking about going on the Kobuk river next August. Heard about flying in to Walker Lake from Bettles and paddling down to the village of Kobuk. About 115 miles. Anyone been there. Any insights appreciated. Just go back from the Kugururok river. It is a tributary of the lower Noatak about 110 miles north of Kotzebue. Beautiful scenery with lots of mts and a 3 mile long canyon in the middle. Had a few runs of class 3 rapids we rode some and lined some due to heavily loaded Ally pack canoes. Some of the most beautiful land I have seen yet. Anyone interested in more details, feel free to send private message.

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    Wink been to Kobuk....

    Dan I've been there and posted on it previously and so have others on here. You might check the old forum archives for a wealth of useful (hopefully) info.

    Best regards,Frank

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    If Mike Strahans book ever comes out (or did I miss it?) maybe he'll have a write up about that section.
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