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Thread: Get a lot of spray in the boat.

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    Default Get a lot of spray in the boat.

    Alright, together we have been working the bugs out of my boat. Now I got one more. This might be a design flaw so I dont know if we will figure this one out or not.

    SO far I have not been out on flat water. Mostly mild chop to 2 footers. While running a good amount of spray whips up into the sides of the boat. Right up front where I sit. The boat rides a little higher on my side than the other so the passenger usually gets a splash now and then.

    There is also a good bit that sprays on the back to. After 30 miles of this and getting it back to shore and pulling the plug there was not much water in the bottom. Maybe a gallon or so.

    The problem is more of an annoyance than anything.

    I played around with the trim, bow up or down doesnt seem to make a difference. Either does having just me in it or a full payload.

    I did have that lowrider problem, but that seems to be taken care of now. Boat sits up pretty good, I am getting on step good now too.

    About the only thing I can think of is I need to be on step more or design flaw in the hull.

    If you guys remember right my seats are right in the bow. Im litteraly 2 feet from the point.

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    Bow heavy, that's the problem with bowriders.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    What kind of boat do you have & does it have reverse chines on it? The chines will help to eliminate the spray coming over the sides of your boat.


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