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Thread: Whittier report last weekend

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    Default Whittier report last weekend

    Good silver fishing at mouth of shoestring cove, also about a gazillion pinks about 200 feet in on the right, they were jumping all around us.

    The silvers were at the mouth and about halfway in just in front of the narrowing. They were also jumping all up and down the cove.

    The pinks were ignoring my chartruse squid stinger but were hammering our red/orange pixies. The silvers were hitting on the pixies too.

    The surface bite was really going around 6 PM only to suddenly die, switched to mooching with those little metal fish with treble hooks at the end (whose name I cant remember right now) and it was back to Fish On!

    My buddy and I were feeling pretty good about the day until we got back to dock and a couple of native guys who were subsistance fishing at the mouth of the cove said they got 20 silvers, and a seal.

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    Thanks for the report! Wheres that at though?

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    Dang... I was in Shoestring over the 4th for the first time and I told myself that I needed to check back when the silvers were running. But, last weekend we decided to head North up Wells Passage instead. On the way back Monday we trolled from Bettles Bay to Pigot Point and the action was dead. Saw one fish jump and a couple of small schools of something between 60 and 90 feet. Next weekend I'm heading to the Little Su... Maybe I can get back out in the Sound sometime in the next couple weeks, but probably not 'till Labor day weekend. I'm sure they'll have moved on by then. Congrats on finding the hotspot... And thanks for the report.

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