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Thread: Sheefish on Yukon

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    Default Sheefish on Yukon

    I am heading out for a moose hunt on the 12th of Sept. on the yukon near the nowitna area. Anyone have any luck with sheefish/whitefish/pike in this area or on the yukon?

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    I don't know where Nowitna is but, I have fished the yukon a time or two. The pike fishing can be downright amazing if you hit a good spot. Any tributary that is slow moving dark water should be good for pike. I usually use rubber frogs, pixies, bass lures and worms, pretty much anything that will have some kind of action. Around that time of the year you should have no problem catching a boatload of fish. The pike start really eating as much as they can handle to get ready for winter. Best of luck, please post pics when you get back.

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    The Nowitna has lots of big pike and a few sheefish.


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