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    Based on airline baggage restrictions, any suggestions on purchasing a 3-4 pc. pack rod (to bring with) vs. buying a disposable rod when I land in Anchorage for Silver fishing? I plan on buying my own Spinning reel to bring along because it will easily fit in my baggage.
    I also plan on bringing my 8# fly-rod with. Should I concentrate on bringing just one rod?
    Thanks for any reply.

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    Pre-shipping the vast majority of your stuff via the USPS is your best option. Do a search (of this forum) and you'll pull up all kinds of posts detailing everything you need to know and why it's definitely the best way to get your stuff up there. "Shipping" should be the only search word you'll need to use.

    Last summer I shipped seven or eight rods for a total of $32 ($16 each way) in a 4.5ft tube I've had for over twenty years and I'll be doing the same this year. I shipped baitcasting, spinning, and fly rods. I also shipped plenty of other things too.

    Drifter is right... Cabela's makes several good two and three-piece rods , including bait-casting. In fact their rods are the only two-piece baitcasting rods I own (I live 7 miles from a Cabela's). I'm really looking forward to fishing the Cabela's 8.5ft baitcasting "salmon rod" I just bought. I've already tried it out in the back yard (with Curado dsv300) and the casting distance is much, much, much improved compared to same reel on a slightly stiffer 7.5ft rod. Extra foot really does make a world of difference.

    Good Luck, Tom

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    There will be places that rent equipment wherever you go, if you want to go that route. but I would rather buy something cheap for the same price to use for a few days and give it away before leaving.

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    Default cabelas...

    Get the Cabelas XML rod mentioned earlier. I have used it for big silvers on the Goodnews last Sept. Great rod. Comes in a nice hard tube as well. I have broken a few of the cheaper Cabelas 4 piece rods (the other link above the XML link). Get the XML. They make casting and spinning. You will be impressed with them I am sure. Be sure to get the 7 ft medium. It is the largest one they make. Perfect for all salmon except kings, and at the same time not too much rod for a decent dolly or bow. It is $149, but well worth it. And if you do break it, Cabelas will send you a brand new one. I know. Great rod for travel.

    Don't forget your 1/2 to 7/8 ounce pink/silver pixies. I like the pink/silver Blue Fox Vibrax spinner in size #4 as well. Cabelas sells those lures. 14 lb line works well for me. Be sure to bring the fly rod. An 8 wt will do fine. A silver salmon on my Scott S3s 8 wt is one of the best things that ever happened to me. If you want any suggestions on flies, shoot me a pm.

    As for reels, I got the Daiwa SS 1600's for my XML pack rods. They are a perfect match and balance well. Hold about 140 yards of 14 lb line. These are impressive reels. Nothing ordinary about them. Got them for the wife mainly. I mostly fly fish. On our float trips, she was having some trouble with the Mitchell 300's. We broke two of the cheaper Cabelas pack rods. When we got the XML pack rods and these Daiwa's, things changed. This is an incredible set up. You can get it all with the click of a button at Cabelas. Below are a few links.
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