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Thread: Cracks in Boston Whaler

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    I have some cracks appearing in my boat. It is a 15' BW and it is in the fiberglass floor. I need sugestions on how to repair it?



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    Well what kind of cracks? Small cracks around corners can be just signs of flexing & are often just in the gel coat. Larger cracks can be signs of a rotten core material whether it is wood, foam or a core mat. Lastly is it damaged from a impact or sudden event?

    Repairs of cracking basicly are dependent on the cause, rotten core needs replacement of the core material reglassed faired & apply gelcoat & or non skid pattern. Simple stress cracking can be ground out reglassed & gel coated to match. The biggest challenge is to fix the cause of the cracking ,the cosmetic repair is pretty straight forward.

    I can offer more detailed info If you need it. Do you have any pictures you can post?


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