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Thread: Poor teacher or poor student?

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    Default Poor teacher or poor student?

    I have a friend who absolutely loves to go boating and fishing with us. She knows nothing about boating, the terminology, the weather, tides, etc., etc. I try and explain when she asks one of her many questions, but I think every answer leads to 10 more questions. Can anyone recommend a publication (book) which might help her. I've grown up on Alaska water and it's kind of second nature to me, but to her, it is like a foreign language.

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    This will not help you this year but you should look into one of the Coast Guard classes that usually run Feb-April.

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    Smile Get her a copy of Chapman's

    tell her she can ask any question she wants AFTER she's done with it.
    Vigor's Rules of Thumb might be more appropriate and answer most of her questions


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