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    Has anyone tried out those metal blueberry pickers that are sold locally in Anchorage? I was going to give one a try but it looks like the metal prongs might hurt the plants. Anyone know?

    Thanks- Wyatt

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    I used one last year and it worked great, made quick work of gathering blueberries! The only downfall is that you also got alot of leaves and small stems. So, it's all up to you....I ended up going back to hand gathering as I can get alot less of that

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    I went to Whittier last August and up in the "hills" above town I saw a bunch of what I assume were blueberries (I was walking through a very thick area to get to a fishing spot). My dumb question is this... Do any inedible berries in Alaska resemble blueberries? I'm asking because I'd like to pick some blueberries during this year's trip. There's no better dessert than blueberry pie in my opinion. Thanks, Tom

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    Default metal blueberry picker

    We use the metal pickers with thick wire prongs. They work great. We have cleaned them acouple different ways.....Can roll them down a towl when you get home and the trash tends to stay on the towel, or wash them in a strainer and float off the trash. Either way, I think the pickers are useful.


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