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    i am thinking about to purchase a 20ft bayrunner with a full top and windshield, 50 horse mec 2003. I was woundering if this boat would be good for some halibut fishing for about 4 adults and gear, some shimp pots. just asking If it would be worth the purchase or would i be wasting my money. the guy is asking 7 grand for the boat and motor and trailer.
    thanks for your help
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    Default i would say buy it!!

    my buddy has the same boat with a 90 honda on it. we have been in some pretty hairy stuff and i think they are very seaworthy boats. and you cant beat the price for a turn key boat. it fit four of us fishing comfortably, two in the bow, two in the rear.

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    Default How old is it?

    I have a 96 Bayrunner, 18' center console w/ a Suzuki 75. I've had it in some seas that had 'em screaming, but I never lost confidence in it. You won't ever use all of that bow.
    It can get a little squirrely on a quartering wave, but you'll learn how to steer into 'em. I couldn't guess the number of halibut I have drug on deck.
    I wear an exposure suit as it does spray in seas with wind.

    With an '03 Merc and a good hull, that is a good buy.
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