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Thread: becoming a charter guide

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    Default becoming a charter guide

    What does it take to become a charter guide?
    I know about the Coast Guard test. Is there anything else?
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    Default Becoming a guide

    Here is a link with a lot of info. You need seatime, a buissness lic, commercial insurance, pass a background check and the Coast Guard test and Drug screens. I think the state is considering a moratorium on new entrants into the halibut charter fishery as well. There is alot to consider however it is alot of fun too. Ebbtide Charters

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    Default HAve fun

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska Gray View Post
    What does it take to become a charter guide?
    I know about the Coast Guard test. Is there anything else?

    Depends on ifs you want the Six pack inland water or both that and ocean . I have both ,I took the test 6 years ago in Anchorage. Other than that all you need is clients and a boat ,Insurance ,Business License both state and borough and a nice bank account to get you started. If you are thinking of doing hunts or drop offs you will need a transportes license also.

    And most of all you have to have "PATIENCE" after all you are dealing with the public.

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    Default Charter Skipper

    I think we have the same boat. I have the extended cabin. If I was going to charter in the saltwater I would want at least a 28' boat with a 9.5 foot or bigger beam. I have been to Montague and a bunch of Prince William Sound and all over Cook Inlet. Lots of charter fishing is done in over 4' seas, so I consider my boat to small for that use, even though others do it. Since it is for private use I can be very selective on when I go out. Not as easy to do if I am running a buisness and want repeat customers. Then there is the looming limited entry and IFQ goat rope that may or may not happen. If it is in your blood then make it happen, cause life is short. If it is a tax write off then talk to that accountant and crunch the numbers. Lots to think about. Good fishin and maybe I will see you on the water.


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