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Thread: Sako AV 300 Weatherby Mag - What do I do?

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    Default Sako AV 300 Weatherby Mag - What do I do?

    So I bought a Sako AV chambered in .300 Weatherby on gunbroker for 600!!!! I just wanted the action because it was a sako, but honestly don't know much about the AV action. How are they? How do they compare?

    Second question, I can't stand Weatherby chamberings so this action will be stripped and rebarreled to a big bore. I was thinking 416 Remington Mag. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
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    Default You did good...

    If the rest of the rifle looks like what is shown in your pictures I'd say you got a very good deal. Too bad you don't like Weatherby chamberings.

    Stripping apart a Sako in 300 Weatherby... I will have to send Beartooth a box of Kleenex!!!

    The AV is a great action, I currently have one in 338 Win. I've also been around other AV's in 270 Win and 300 Win mag and they have all been smooth as silk and very accurate. Typical Sako though. Not much to gripe about, unless you can't do without the claw! Although, the Sako extractor is as good as it gets for a push feed in my opinion. Lots of Remington 700 owners pay a good amount of money to ugprade their 700 to the Sako extractor.

    There are many others on the forum that shoot AV's and they speak highly of them too.

    Keep us informed as you build the rifle, sounds like a great project.

    If you decide to get rid of the stock, PM me. I would be interested in buying it.
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    The Sako AV action is a crappy action, you need to dump it quick! Fortunately for you I happen to like them and would like to have one in 300 WBY. I'll give you a $150 profit plus shipping cost and you won't have to butcher that old gun and beartooth won't need the kleenex.

    A good MRC action could be had for about $600 and that would leave $$ left to go towards the stock.
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    I bought a Sako AV in 375 H-H for $600 before. It was in 1996. It was a great rifle. I shot my Colorado Elk with it.
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