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Thread: Limb replacement cost

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    Default Limb replacement cost

    Does anyone have any idea what it would cost to replace the limbs on a Mathews Switchback XT?

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    Default limbs

    Is there a problem with your current limbs? Or do you just want a different poundage? If there is some kind of defect, I am sure that Matthews would make it right. One of the limbs on my Diamond had a small chip in it last winter, and Paul at the Archer's Den got me a new set of limbs, and also got them to send the limbs to change from 60 to 70lbs for free.
    It is worth talking to your local dealer about, I am sure that a company with Matthew's following would have excellent customer service, and do a whole lot to keep their customers happy.


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    I replaced the limbs on my Mathews Q2 in 2005 and it ran me $80 / limb. I'd guess the Switchback XT limbs are going to be a bit higher, but maybe not.


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