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Thread: Kustatan River Silvers

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    Default Kustatan River Silvers

    Can someone tell me if August 31st is to late to fish for Silvers in the Kustatan River or would Big River Lake be better?

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    Smile Kustatan / Big River

    I have found Aug 1-10 to be the best fishing on the Kustatan. Aug 31 would be at the end the run, But you can find great fishing "if " you travel up the river. Most air charters fish the same holes everyday July - Aug. By Aug. 31 air charters are flying hunters out and fishing takes a back seat, offering limited fishing areas -Big River is a easer/ safer location to fly into ( less fog and more room to land) but will not be alone..

    If you fly out with a wheeled plane I would highly recommend Shelter creek! it's a great place! A true wilderness experience!
    Good luck


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