Heading back to Alaska (2nd time). We are going a little later this year then we did in 2006 (End of Aug through labor day). So hopefully the run will be in full swing when we get there.

Any reports in the Cordova PWS area? Will be in Simpson Bay, access to small boat only, so long rides might be out of the question

Anyone been around that area (Hole in the Wall). Targeting Silvers and halibut.

This year we are actually bringing Nav Charts for the area we will be fishing, so hopefully we can find some deep holes holding some butts.

Our fishing party are not experieced at Halibut by far. We do know the basics, and will do my best at reading old post on hear and the net.

Any tips on this area would be great.

In 2006 we only got 2 in this area (Smaller size). Targeting mostly Silvers though, but fished for both the whole time

We will be in town for a day before our trip actually starts, so we are going to venture out to Child Glacier and the Million Dollar Bridge. Any road side fishing spots that could be pointed out would be helpful to some some newbie Alaskan Adventures.