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Thread: Beachs with fish running creeks- PWS

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    Default Beachs with fish running creeks- PWS

    My favorite thing ever witnessed are the videos of people out of PWS landing on random beaches with nice sloughs/creeks packed full of fish. Up to 15 miles out we've only found one and it was great fun! Only thing was it was all pinks; does anyone have other names of bays or locations for creeks like this that have silvers stack up? Id appreciate pms or messages left... hell I'll take pink streams too; theyre a BLAST!

    The cove we found (forgot name) was full of jumpers... we pulled in to look on the sides to find the black line against the shore was pinks... thousands of them!! Ill never forget it and hope to find more spots were fish stack up like this

    Thanks alot, -Nick

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    anybody? Id appreciate it

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    Ill give it one last try- does anyone know of any bays/ beaches with creeks where fish come to stack up.. weather it be pinks or silvers?


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    There just aren't that many such creeks close to Whittier, Nick, especially when the quarry is silvers. If you can get out in the Port Nellie Juan area there are a few, but not much that I know of closer in.

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    thanks Brian... finally looked up the places ive seen videos of and they all seem closer to valdez... glad I atleast found one nice bay with a couple thousand (atleast) pinks... forgot the name but I know how to get there from whittier


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