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Thread: Sheep Creek?

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    Default Sheep Creek?

    Any news on the Sheep, and is there someplace to park a 25' Travel Trailer? Looking to get my kids into some Salmon. Struck out on the Upper Kenai this weekend. Others seem to have been doing well. Fished Quartz Creek and caught some very nice Dolly's. Russian was also fishing well below the falls, lots o' Redds.

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    Default Sheep Creek 3 Aug 08

    We took the boat to Sheep today. Got there about 0700. We were the only boat there. My buddy was there yesterday and said there were a lot of fish being caught. There were some boats there and he said they were hooking up at a rate that was amazing compared to the people on the bank. That's why we went there today instead of Deshka. My buddy, his 16 year old nephew from Illinois and myself. The kid caught 2 nice silvers and a pink. I caught a very nice silver and a couple of chums that I let go. The people on the bank were hooking up much better than we were, although we did get our fish. At least it didn't rain on us. Hope this helps...

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    Was there last night and Thursday. It seems to be ok, though it certainly does not seem 'hot' to me.

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    Everyone fishing the slough? Roe, spinners, pixies, or flies? Would Lil' Sue be a better bet?

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    Default Report

    I fished Sheep Creek this weekend at the slough. Saturday 10am till 2 pm was about 20 people spread out along the bank roe, spinner and spoons being used. I saw a silver caught (between all the pinks and chums) average every 20 minutes of so. My buddy and I managed 3 silvers between us and lots of pinks and chums.

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    Thanks see if I can't give that a shot.

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    You can park your Trailer at sheep creek slough, there's plenty of room and it's FREE !!

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    Thank you very much.

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    Be careful with your trash and fish carcasses (sp) I have seen a sow with two cubs a couple times there so far this silver season..

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    Will do and thanks. Getting ready to head out. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

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    Well, just got back, had a good time and caught a few fish. Mornings seem to be best and you'll do real well if you can toss a Pixie (Pink or orange in 7/8ths) across the channel (I did) roe was working at times real well. Most importantly my daughter caught her first Salmon and a Burbot, she actually out fished her brother. Did better at Montana yesterday and found a place to ourselves as well.


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