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Thread: Line Visibility and Matsu Trout

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    Default Line Visibility and Matsu Trout

    I have noticed some very big trout in a few lakes somewhere in the Matsu Area. I have caught a few of them in the day light in the 20 inch range, I have had a few in the 30 inch range follow me up to the bank and snub their nose at my bait at the last minute. I grew up in Arkansas on the White River and ran into a similar problem with some very big brown trout. I was finally able to catch some of these big browns by fishing for them at night. I am going to try the same tactic here but I have a few questions. On the white river the trout were very line shy, on clear sunny days I couldnt get away with anything over 4 pound mono, on overcast days I could move up to 6 lb mono. When I made the switch to night fishing I could get away with 8lb mono and if the water was murky 10lb mono. Up here I have just stuck with 6 pound mono and it has worked for me well, but I will be targeting these big fish at night and in some structure and I need all the line strength I can get away with. Are the trout in AK as line shy as the Browns I chased in Arkansas? What line diameters do you think I can get away with. Has anyone had any luck running small diameter braid, because that is ideal for the kind of fishing I will be doing? Im just afraid to drop the money on expensive braided line only to have the fish see it and not grab my lure. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I run a leader of foot and half 10# FireLine in Black, works great. I also do 30# PowerPro since I had a little left over. Works awesome. Trout are not leader shy hardly at all. I used to tie leaded line right to my lures and caught fish but I don't anymore since the lure won't make as much action.
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