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Thread: Honda 130 4 strokes Anything to watch for???

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    Default Honda 130 4 strokes Anything to watch for???

    I have a friend from outside that leaves his 21' Starcraft here all year & comes up to fish halibut & silvers 2 weeks a year.
    He's looking to repower from 2 older 40 hp Yamahas to a single engine & found a 2004 130 hp 4 stroke Honda. Before he left for Montana Friday he made a verbal deal on the motor pending my physical inspection of it tomorrow (Monday).
    Anything in particular to look for on these? Were there any particular problems with them? I'm a fair mechanic but not an outboard guy.
    How are they on fuel?
    It doesn't have a prop, so suggested props for this setup (6 people & gear)?

    I want him to have dependable power because there's nothing worse than having a boat in your yard that you can use for nothing but the price of gas 50 weeks a year that you don't trust
    Vance in AK.

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    On my Honda 130 I increased the size of the water stream indicator with a slightly larger drill bit because silt often plugs this small orfice. That is due to silt in the rivers here in the Interior. I have a heavier boat; I use a 15 pitch for a full load. I get better mileage in the ocean with a 19 pitch, but never get much above 2400 rpms on the ocean in the swells because I don't like to get banged around. I have been very pleased with my Honda. No regrets.


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