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Thread: Ferry Trail Caribou?

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    My son drew his first ever permit and it is for caribou. We want to hunt the fairy trail and understand you may be able to find caribou way in (35 miles or so). Anyone have success in this area. As this is my son's first caribou I really want him to connect. We have two ATV's that will fit across the bridge and a four days span in early Sept to do the hunt. Despreate for information on your success location - how far in and on which trail. All information appreciated. PM me with any info you are willing to share. Thanks.

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    I am in tHE SAME BOAT. i have a mining claim in ferry my 12 yr old daughter pulled her first tag.. i have spent all summer 22 miles in.. havent seen an animal... no moose no bou, nothing this year. access is rough right now see my thread on 20A flooding i tried to get to the claim last week califonia creek was un passible.

    you can only go as far as the totat on the 4 wheeler. 20 miles or so.... on one end. the other end is to wet right now. the wood river Contorl access unit is on the other side the biologist told me to fly in if you want a bou out of the ferry herd... it's to bad also,,,, i used to get them in my back yard in clear not since the die off in the early 90's though.


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