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Thread: Great Silver Salmon fishing

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    Talking Great Silver Salmon fishing

    The Silver salmon fishing on the Kenai river is red hot! Great fishing and very few boats! ( I only saw two boats in the first hour of fishing)
    We limited out in two hours (5am -7am) This is the best early August Silver Salmon fishing I seen in 20 years. The best fishing was from the Pillers boat launch down stream.
    If you got the time go and take the kids with you. Centennial park ( in Soldotna ) has lot of camp sites.

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    Default silver

    when fishing silvers on the Kenai, can you fish for them from the bank? Do you fish like you do for reds?

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    Default Silver Fishing


    I don't think that the silver fishing was a good as you stated..... It was way better!!!

    We had action all day, limited 5 rods by 10:00. Most definitely some of the best silver fishing that I have seen for a very long time.

    The best thing was that we didn't see a pink until we had 8 silvers in the box!


    Fishing from the bank for silvers is very effective! I suppose you could catch them with a coho fly (I never quite understood why we fished for sockeye with a coho fly). If you want to use a fly, go with a flash fly or a pink bunny leach. Otherwise, for conventional tackle, spinners/spoons work great. But most will fish from the bank soaking eggs.

    A couple of great spots are Centennial Park and Cunningham Park.

    Good luck

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    Smile Great fishing

    Fished this morning with 4 kids 5-11 years old, lot of Silvers! 5 Silvers by 8am.everybody missed lot of hits. Take your kids out its still warm in the morning and the fishing is great! This is the best early season Silver salmon fishing I seen in years!


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