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Thread: Selling Parts of Game Animals?

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    Default Selling Parts of Game Animals?

    Is it legal to sell parts of game animals here in Alaska?

    I didn't think it was, but I been wrong before.

    There are moose and bou capes for sale in the want ads here on the site. If it's legal, carry on.

    If it's not legal, the sellers might want to pull their ads pronto----- before they get caught in a sting.

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    I want to sell an old moose head (bear rug, mounted antlers, etc.) that I have stored up in the attic. What's a fair price to ask?
    Think of it as priceless, and reconsider your decision to sell. In Alaska, it is illegal to sell any big game trophy, any big game skull, any horns or antlers attached to a part of the skull, or any part of a bear. A big game animal includes moose, elk, Dall sheep, Sitka black-tailed deer, mountain goat, caribou, bison, muskox, or bear. A trophy means a mount of any of these animals, including the head (cape) or the entire skin, in a lifelike representation of the animal. It also includes a “European mount” in which the horns or antlers and the skull or a portion of the skull are mounted for display.
    You may sell the skin or hide of a big game animal (except a bear hide) if it has not been made into a mount or trophy. You may also buy/sell an article of handicraft made from the hide of a black bear (where a “handicraft” is a finished product that has been substantially changed from the natural material). And you may sell horns or antlers if they have been naturally shed or completely removed from the skull by cutting, sawing, or breaking.
    Exceptions: Under special circumstances, a court appointed or duly authorized estate executor or a bankruptcy referee in a probate or bankruptcy action, or a licensed taxidermist with an unclaimed, finished skin or trophy may sell that trophy only if that person first obtains a special permit issued by the Department of Fish & Game.

    From the Fish and game FAQ

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    Lujon is right. His copy and paste explains it correctly. You also cannot xell game meat, but you may sell the bones, except the skull.
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    Default 16B

    I know that if you have a predator control permit in 16 B you can sell the black bear hides and skulls..

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    Bear hides (Black and Brown) taken in certain predator Control areas may be sold after sealing with claws attached. Page 26 and 27 of current Fish and Game Regulation booklet.

    Have tried for several years to get Black Bears reclassified as fur bearers so hides could be sold.
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