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    I am trying to keep track of the weather in the Talkeetna area in preparation for a sheep hunt in 2009. I often use Wunderground and Noaa but these give me weather reports for a elevation of 413 feet.
    I would like to get a weather report that is much higher in elevation, like the top of the mountain where you would be sheep hunting. Any links or idea's people? Thanks, Ken

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    Hey bud...try this link:

    click on the part that says "6000 ft winds"
    Gives you the temp and estimated winds. Hope that helps some. It's not a forecast per se. Does give forecasted wind & temp tho.
    Try aviation weather channel 7 also.

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    The weather around here can change from hour to hour. It could be clear and sunny on top of the mountains the day you arrive in Talkeetna and be snowing up there 6 hours later. I guess what I am getting at is to use your guide to recommend clothing and not worry about what weather you are going to get.

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    Just because the guide is out of Talkeetna does not have alot of effect on where you will be hunting. There are not many sheep in Talkeetna but there are 3 mountain ranges within a short plane ride from there. Each range has its own weather and when one is great another may be getting hammered with wind/snow. Best bet is to talk at length to your guide about the gear to bring and do some research on sheep hunting here and on the gear forum. Rule #1 NO COTTON


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