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Thread: New to the area.

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    Smile New to the area.

    Hey all,
    I'm Adam. I am 15 and i have recently moved to the Eagle River area in the last month. I did quite a bit of biking when I was living in Tennessee. Every thing from challenging single track to just around town. I wanted to know of any trails around the Eagle river area or within a short bus ride from here. I haven't found any bike buddies my age but my family is definitely up for the challenge.

    So what I am saying is do you have any info about easy trails I can do on a boring day around the house that is not to far away or I can bus to. Or, are there any slightly more challenging stuff that is good for the whole family.

    Thank you.
    p.s. sorry for such a long post.

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    Adam - Where will you be going to school? I teach at Chugiak and have a number of stdents your age that are pretty into biking. As for trails, here are a few ideas:

    -Go to the boat launch on the south side of Eagle River by the bridge that crosses the river off the Hiland Road/Eagle River Loop Road exit (not the main highway bridge - the other one). When you're pulling down into the parking area, there is one parking spot with a fire pit to the right before you get to the general parking (there may be an old motorhome parked there). Ride directly through that site and then turn right on the trail for a short uphill, then left. This trail will take you to the South Fork of Eagle River, a small tributary that pours into the main river. It's not very challenging, but has a few fun sections and is close to home. You'll see a few private property signs, but as long as you stay on the trail you're fine as it is a legal state park easement. A word of warning, though. From now through mid September there will be salmon spawning at the end of the trail and there are LOTS of bearsin the area. Don't ride out there alone, and stay out of the area in late evening.

    -Beach Lake Trails. There are two ways to access this great trail system. You can either park at Chugiak High (at the far corner of the parking lot where the field meets the woods) or drive a little farther down Birchwood Loop and park at the Beach Lake Chalet. There are a variety of trails here, but particularly from Chugiak you'll find a lot of hills. Not challenging in a technical sense, but it'll be a leg and lung burner for sure.

    -Peter's Creek. Take the South Peter's Creek exit and turn right. Follow that windy road until it ends, then turn right again. This road will wind uphill and you'll have to make a few more turns (one left and two rights, I think), but the basic idea is to keep heading up the mountain. Once you turn right by a house with three wooden black bear cut-outs in their yard you're almost there - stop at the top of the hill where the road turns left. This trail goes back into the mountains quite a long way. It's another wide trail, but has quite a few fun climbs and gets you back into some beautiful areas. There are also lots of great hiking trails that break off of this trail.

    Take care, and let us know how the riding goes.

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    The place where I live is right on the zone border of Eagle River High and Chugiak High. Since you are a teacher could you help to tell about Chugiak. No where on the net can i find anything about clubs or classes available. I did find info about Eagle River, but that is it.

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