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Thread: Storing for the off-season

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    Default Storing for the off-season

    I'm curious how other people clean up their gear after the dipnetting season ends...
    I give everything a fresh-water hosing, then use a wader soap & conditioner from Cabela's on the neoprene/canvas/rubber items, and a dish soap and salt mixture on the nets and coolers. This combination works very well for cleaning as well as eliminating odors - drying in the sun helps, too. Metal parts get a WD-40 wipe, and it's off to the shed until next year.
    How do you do it?

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    Default Always autoclave

    I prefer to give everything three rinses in a strong aqueous Bromide solution. Then I sterilize it under UV light at 254 nanometers. The seaweed should be removed from the dipnet with a scrub brush. Remove the net and boil it for 20 minutes. I also vacuum seal everything before putting it in the garage.
    Just kidding... I just rinse my stuff with the hose and put it away. It usually gets broken, ripped, lost or stolen- long before it deteriorates from saltwater.

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    Rinse in fresh water,try to get most of the sand/silt and remaining seaweed out of the web,store everything plastic/rubber out of the sun.

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    Don't forget to flush out the inside of the pipes on your hoop and handle, just to rinse out the salt water. Make sure the nets are not stored where direct sunlight shining through a window will cause them to deteriorate as well. I have mine hanging flat against the garage ceiling on a couple big J hooks, works well to keep them up high and out of the way for the 11 months they're not in use.

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    Pitch it in the bushes behind the shed and forget about it. Really. Hoop is solid 6061 5/8" barstock and handle is 1 1/4 aluminum pipe. There is a single stainless bolt holding the two pieces together. It would take about 5,127 years for it to rot away. Gillnet is super cheap (as long as you buy it from a commercial fishing gear store) and easy to replace when the holes get too much, so no point in messing with it.
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    I rince out the hoop and handle clean the net out and hang it in a dry location.

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    Default really?

    You mean you guys don't just buy new stuff every year??? man, I need to get with the program...
    ...been on a search to top my 30x18 rainbow for 13 years now...I guess it's game time!!!
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