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Thread: Should I call em' in?

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    Default Should I call em' in?

    I'm leaving on my flyout on the 7th of September for 8 days over 100 miles west of Bettles. My main focus is 1 nice bull caribou,1 grizzley and a wolf on top of that would be a cool bonus. The person who has hunted this same place 5 other years has seen moose as well but in no way is interested in taking one. He has told me that there are numerous black and grizzlies in this area and has taken both himself.
    My question being...... Would it be foolish to try to call in a bull with so many bears in the area? I would gladly pay for an extra meat trip out in the plane if it was for a really nice moose.

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    Having a bear move in on any animal taken by a hunter is always a possibility. The fact that it may be a moose doesn't increase the odds by any means. If you want a moose and get a shot, take it. If you two are paranoid about bears. Stay home.

    Hope you have a safe and successful hunt

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    If the terrain is not thick and you can see, why not? Bears are everywhere. If you clear it with your partner be prepared to guard what you get and remember you're looking at 4 hours or so to butcher and six loads packed back to the meat pole. To reduce risk of bear-on-kill you can post a buddy at the kill site while packing loads back, or, stage the game bags some distance away from the gut pile and then pack them back. There's also the UDAP Bear Fence which we use for camp, but have never used to protect the meat pole.

    Personally, I've never "called" in a bear who might be looking for a moose, but have read that it can or has happened. Others might have different experiences with that I'm sure. Good luck.

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    I think your missing the mark but thanks anyhow. Have read by some that bears will move in with food in mind over a cow call and with camp and meat hanging in anywheres in the proximity troubles are created that could and should be avoided. Not afraid of seeing bears nor do I wish to stay home, just trying to see what some others opinions on the subject might be.
    I WANT to see bear so I can take one in fact. My source just happened to tell me that this area is quite populated with bears and do I want to bring em in harder than already the case? Just a question. Thanks

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    woodstalker,thanks for the input. Im sure I'll end up doing some calling to see what I can drum up. One of the main reasons I was asking for opinions is because the friend of mine who has been out there has had to take two bears now that got on there side of the lake and got a little troublesome to the hunting party. Again thanks for the reply.

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    I suppose if you want to be extra careful call as far from your camp as you are willing to pack a moose...for some that's a couple miles, others its 100 yards! I wouldn't be anymore worried about bears coming to a call if you already have meat in camp- they'll have smelled that LONG before they hear you trying to turn-on some bulls!!!

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    Why not make a few calls from camp. If nothing else you might wake up in the morning with a love sick bull staring at camp. Bears are everywhere, be cautious but don't let them affect how you hunt for ungulates. If a bear hears your cow call near your camp odds are he's already smelled your camp. If you are worried about bears on your gut pile near camp roll it on a tarp and start dragging.

    Nothing keeps bears away like a fresh griz carcass.
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    Default just don't get in over your head


    This doesn't relate to your question, but I just wanted to advise that it's real easy to get in over your head going after multiple species like caribou and moose (and bear). You could be packing moose meat for days depending on how far from camp, and weather could stall any planned flights etc. I know I'd think long and hard before pulling the trigger on a moose out that way if I was after caribou and bear.
    Good luck on your hunt,

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    I have yet to see a bear when I am out moose hunting, though I have seen them caribou hunting either the day before bear season opened or it was a sow with cubs . As of yet I have never had a negative encounter with a bear while hunting or otherwise. We hang our meat right in camp with 0 trouble. I am always on the lookout for a nice bear while hunting other species but no luck so far.

    Your correct, I did miss the point at the begining.

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    Default More info.....

    I would check with my partner and make sure he is happy to interrupt his caribou hunt to spend a couple of days helping with your moose. If he is then call away and have fun. Years ago I shot a 7.5 foot brown bear sow at 9:20 P.M. on Sept. 7th. I was sitting on a very small water hole and calling moose. Did she come to the call? Heck, I don't know. I do know it did not scare her away. I know one other guy that said it happened to him and another guy thinks a wolf came into his moose call. I think if calling moose was a sure way to get a bear to show up a lot of bear hunters would be doing it.

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    Default calling bears

    Many on this forum have reported successfully shooting bears that have come in to calling - deer, rabbit, etc. so I don't see why moose wouldn't also be potentially effective. I have never had a bear come in while calling moose....but I situate myself for that possibility.

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    While floating in the Brooks Range we have had bears in camp almost every night while we slept with no problems. The only time we had problems was after we had meat.
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