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Thread: Salmon fishing guidance for 10-22 August

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    Question Salmon fishing guidance for 10-22 August

    Have family coming up to fish and hunt from 06-22 August. Looking for some advice on where to take them to catch some salmon--willing to travel anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula and Matsu Valley and even over to Valdez if needed.
    Cannot do a saltwater charter because my nephew gets sea sick too easily.

    Thanx for the advice/help in advance.

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    All of those places should have plenty of fish.

    I have driven to Valdez just to fish off the city dock before. That will probably be the peak time for silvers there. One trip I went there and visited family and fished the dock in the afternoon pulling five silvers off the dock then the next day we went out in the boat and caught several more. The overall weight of fish can add up fast because the silvers there seem to be 10 pounds plus.
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