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    Default emergency repair

    I have an outcast PAC1000 and am trying to figure out what to bring along for an emergency repair. I have the kit it came with, but i was wondering if theres something out there better. I've been looking at the stuff called tear-aid, but i dunno if its any good. Theres two types and i dont know what one would work best for the urethane bladder. I'd just duct tape the inside of the outer shell and use the tear aid on the bladder for a quick repair. Any thoughts?

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    Default Tear Aid

    Tracy Harmon, Ak Raft/Kayak (ARK), spoke highly of Tear Aid at the Gr Ak Sportmans Show this year. Easy to use. Good seal. Strong patch.
    Don't know about specifics but no doubt other forum members can help. Otherwise, ARK has been great about answering questions. Give 'em a call. I'm sure you could ask for Tracy for any repairs-related questions. Good luck.

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    Either type might work, but type A is billed to work on rubber (Hypalon and Neoprene) most plastics (including polyurethane) and most anything else, while type B is designed only for vinyls (like PVC I suppose). I think I would use Tear-Aid for the outer repair as well as the bladder. Why not buy a small box of each and give them both a try. If one doesn't hold well on the bladder or shell, let us know.

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    I think I will give it a try, I'll get both and if I ever need to use them, i'll report back. Each comes with a few different sized patches so i can always fix it if one doesnt hold. Theres going to be a log of fall rainbow fishing on my raft and i want to be sure nothing happens to ruin my fun Thanks for the tips guys.


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