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    Default Valdez fishing

    I may take the kids to Valdez around August 13th and wanted to know what kind of fishing is available from shore for 10 and 11 year olds. I have never been there myself so I'm not familiar with the area.

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    If shore fishing means allison point and dayville road, it should be okay.
    The hatchery there began egg take earlier this week which a good amount pinks will be getting very dark in another week when you're there. The mouth hookups will be down. The kids should have fun playing with them and the fish will be swarming the shoreline the whole distance between the hatchery and allison point. I think it might be better if you can wait a weekend or 2 later and let them try their luck with silvers.

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    Red face next week

    I am heading down there next week. Looking to mooch silvers. How far out do I need to head out??

    Any speical secrets to hook a silver?? I had the Puget Sound catch and release salmons dialed in on plug cut herring and a deep six.

    I was going to try the same or maybe add a flasher.

    Actually keeping salmon will be a novilty for me.


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    8-10 miles. head for the swarm of boats circling the 2 shorelines like moths at a streetlight.

    mooching might not be so easy when it gets crowded. It's almost a sure thing that you'll be drifting around in somebody's way.

    no real local secrets, i've seen them caught on everything.


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