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Thread: Kids and Fishing!

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    Default Kids and Fishing!

    I have read that kids do not need a license to fish or hunt until they are 16 years old in Alaska. Does this mean they have their own bag limits as well, or do they count on the adults bag limit they are fishing/hunting with?
    I have searched in the regs to get this answered but cant find it.

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    pretty sure they get their own bag limit...I checked with F&G last year and my 2yo was allowed 5 kings just like dad (neither of us got, just needed to get a sheet to fill out instead of a king stamp...surely the same applies to the rest...
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    Default Harvest Card until they are 16

    hunting stuff is on page 13 of the hunting regs, fishing all they have to do is get a harvest report card and keep record of the fish they are required to track like the kings, rainbows over 20 inches in specific areas, etc. discussed this with a fish and game guy and the level of help you can give them before it counts as your fish really depends on the officer as he told me. They really do check those cards for kings in the popular areas and on charters.

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    yes they have the same bag limits as an adult weather it is fish or game and as long as they keep a record of what they caught or killed and they follow the rules/regulations they should be ok. i was suprised when i turned 17 that i had to get a licence .

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    The kids can catch their own limits.

    The only catch is that for fishing the kids have to hook their own fish. It does not matter who does the casting or who reels it in. The kids have to do the hooking.

    My 7 and 8 year old boys can cast and catch their own salmon. My 5 year old daughter is starting to cast but has not caught one yet completely on her own. She has caught kings while backtrolling and caught silvers by me casting the line out and handing her the rod to fish the drift or set the rod on a fork stick.

    My 3 year old daughter has started to reel in and can hold a rod while trolling for trout so I am going to have her try to hold the rod for a silver next week. Gabby caught four silvers one day when she was 3.
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