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Thread: Deer around Valdez?

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    Default Deer around Valdez?

    Are there any black tails around Valdez within driving distance or around the bay? I would like to go on a deer hunt, but not really interested in flying in somewhere. I am looking for something where I could drive (reaasonably) to the area, or take a boat out of Valdez. I live in the Fairbanks area.
    Thanks for any input!


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    If you have access to a boat, that's the way to go. There aren't huntable populations within driving/walking distance of the road system, though someone will cross a set of tracks on rare occassions. If you've got an adequate boat, your best bet would be to go out to Hinchinbrook or the surrounding islands.

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    There's very rarely an abundant deer population in or near Valdez to hunt. Your best bet would be to head out into the sound and hit some of the islands with a substantial population. There have been a few taken here and there up in Fidalgo and other bays outside of the Valdez narrows, but the chances are pretty slim. I lived there for 16 years and never saw a deer within city limits, if that helps.

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    in the seven years i was in Valdez I saw one deer and she ran under the blade of the DOT plow i was running. I wish i still had the photo of the ONLY OTHER deer i have seen out side the sound... in 05 we took a photo of a deer at the Air national guard base at the anch airport prior to it being moved to Elmondorf. AFB... he was a nice lil 4 point buck ... there rare but they are out there..

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    Nearest huntable deer populations to Valdez are out in the sound. Hawkins, Hinchinbrook, Montague, Green islands etc.

    In the time I lived in Valdez I saw one deer. They are uncommon enough there that it was newsworthy in Valdez.

    Now, black bear, that is a totaly different thing .

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    Welcome to Alaska,
    The above advice is true, you best figure on flying out or chartering a boat if you do not have a sea worthy craft of your own. Cheer up, you can put in for Delta Bison hunts.
    The articles and books lied, Alaska is not easy and it is not cheap. You need to be in shape and ready to spend money. Your question reminded me of the same thing I thought of back in 1989, hey the regs say there is a season in funny only because I recall thinking the same thing. Good Luck to you.

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    yeah... its taken me 3 years, but I'm catching on...
    Thanks guys.


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