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Thread: 24Ft Sea Raider Cuddy

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    Default 24Ft Sea Raider Cuddy

    Although I'm not quite ready to be in the market for this boat I was wondering if anyone has a Raider boat and what they think of how it performs?
    And I maybe in the market for a used one by next spring.

    Thanks in Advance

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    I do not have one but have been looking at them during my quest for the next perfect boat. Found one in Washington state and it looks good. Definitely one to consider for the "short list" for value. They also have a 26 footer with ALL the bells and whistles for $73k and twin honda 135s. I think it is basically a Hewes hull with changes in the cabin. The guy worked for Hewes for 10 years and Black Fin before that according to his wife.



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