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    Question River Safety

    Can anyone steer me in the direction for where I can find a safety training course in general river boating safety. Would that be a Coast Guard course if it's not an ocean thing? My company has workers doing research on rivers (using canoes to jet boats) and some of the researchers have minimal river training and experience. Hopefully I can find a good course/class/training outfit that specializes or covers river safety. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!
    Thx Gary

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    Default River Boating

    The Alaska Office of Boating Safety has classes, specifically Alaska Water Wise. You might also check in with Ron Wilson of Ron's Riverboat Service at Susitna Landing.

    Ron's Riverboat Service at Susitna Landing
    P.O. Box 670 ~ Willow, AK 99688 (907) 495-7700

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    I hope this is not a highjack....., but does anyone know of on-line courses, not just river safety, but other boating courses? I have done the USCG Safety course and would like to do others. I am stuck in the desert and want to do some boating/nautical classes.

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    Here's one, I took it and found it interesting, also got me a 5% reduction in my insurance.

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    Default We do an "on the water" safety class every spring...

    If you're interested, we could put something together for you either classroom or on the water (or both) to fit your time frame...

    One thing you ought to do for sure to augment whatever plan you make, is to get a copy of the Whitewater Self Defense video and show it at some of your safety meetings... even if you aren't operating on whitewater!

    Here's a web address for a copy available on line:

    It's great to see you're focus on this,

    Best of luck,


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