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Thread: Elk in DE723 Afognak

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    First time writing in here so don't be to rough on me. Got my hunting partner lined up for the deer hunting and i for the elk, plane tickets over there ( might swithch to farie to get my truck and supplies over there) float plane lined up (Roland Sea Hawk) trying to figure out all my supplies and location.
    We are set to go in the middle of Oct, does anybody know if they will be in rut at this time or if they will be high or just all over. With this kind of summer there will probabley be snow. I also heard that the deer pop. is low there from the last two winters. Has anybody been over on this side of the island with some info. Want to tent it, and work our a-- off on this hunt. So pointers will be appreciated.

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    Congrats on the draw, my hubby and I also got that hunt. Do a search on here for other posts about this hunt. We have also asked for any information on this hunt and were lucky enough to have some kind people fill us in. Good luck!


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