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Thread: 30-06 Howa Ammunition

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    Default 30-06 Howa Ammunition

    Hi folks, new here so thought I'd start by asking a bit of advice please - 30-06 Howa - anyone here got one and if so, what ammunition (factory) do you find most accurate with it?

    I'm using Remmington Coreloc 150grains with a Preditor8 moderator and feel it could do a bit better?

    Sorry, I don't reload - would rather spend my time firing than loading - sorry.

    Cheers in anticipation


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    Sorry to duplicate this information - I only just found the original post!

    So, a quick bit of feedback regarding which ammunition works best through my 30-06 Howa Lighting. Over the last couple of weeks I've been using various different bullet weights and manufacturers and the top four are:

    1st Place - 150GR Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip
    2nd Place - 150GR Winchester Super X Power Point
    3rd Place - 180GR Sako Super Hammerhead
    4th Place - 150GR Federal Power-Shok

    I fired all at 25m and 100m at static targets using bench-resting and bi-pods and measured the resulting groups to arrive at the above results - I hope this helps if you have one yourself!

    Cheers folks


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    Default accurate factory ammo

    If you can find any of this stuff it is reputed to be awesomely accurate.

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    Not come across it before, but I'll give it a try if I find some - many thanks!


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    Default New Stock makes a difference!

    Hi folks, just thought I'd quickly share this - I bought myself a 30-06 Howa 1500 with a Hogue stock earlier this year and had the barrel screw-cut for a moderator - anyway, while the rifle was accurate as hell, the added weight of the moderator (silencer) on the end of the barrel caused the retaining screw on the stock to work loose - not exactly ideal to be re-assembling your rifle after every few shots!

    Anyway, my local gunshop came up with this - a realtree cammo stock and I think it came from Edgar Bros? Anyway, for a few extra it's made all the difference and I've not got a rifle I feel I can take prtty much anywhere!

    Here's a picture:

    Left = Mark Westall of Top Gun and Rod, middle = Bill Boyce, an excellent guide for Roe Buck Stalking and right is yours truely with my re-stocked Howa!




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