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Thread: looking for a flyfishing partner around anchorage/palmer/wasilla?

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    Default looking for a flyfishing partner around anchorage/palmer/wasilla?

    I am totally new to fly fishing this year. I have the basic and roll cast down fairly well, but have had no luck whatsoever fishing this year. I'm wondering if anyone would mind or like to team up with me and maybe show me some pointers or a good place to fish for trout (salmon even). I'm on Elmendorf and I have 2 solid months left before I move down to the lower 48 and I just want to get out and try to catch some fish and learn how to fly fish. Weekends are best but any day before 2pm would work too, as I work evenings. Please send me a message. Prefer the anchorage area, but would be willing to go as far as Wasilla/Palmer area, but I have a gas guzzling truck, and would be happy to compensate for gas.

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    between wasilla and palmer


    I like to fly fish at Cottonwood creek in Wasilla it is a weekend only fishery and the creek is small so even a beginner can easily fish it. The silvers are in pretty good from what I've heard so this weekend should be good.
    You might want to check out some of the creeks and lakes on the bases. I have heard that there is some good fishing in them.

    Other wise I was planning on going to cotton wood saturday morning and would be willing to show you what I do.

    Good Luck

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    anyone near the anchorage/eagle river area?


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