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Thread: looking for present/past owners of older 22' sea sport sportsman

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    Default looking for present/past owners of older 22' sea sport sportsman

    Looking for a boat and am very intrested in the older sea sport 22' sportsman model (1991). I would love it if a few folks who have one or have had one/been on one could pass on some info about how they liked it? Thank you so much!

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    They're nice boats and will go through more rough stuff than you will want. I had the 1994 model, which had a 24 degree deadrise at the stern, whereas the one you are looking at only has a 12 degree deadrise. I think the older models will be more stable and easier to handle than my 94 was due to the flatter deadrise. My boat would rock quite a bit at rest and I'd constantly have to be on top of the trim tabs while running. Like I said before, I doubt you'd have that problem with a 12 degree boat. I had wished I bought an older model after I experienced the crappy handling of the 94s.

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    Great boat. A 22' is like a fallout shelter. Very tough but not much room to move around.

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    I have owned a 1986 22' Seasport Sportsman for 2 years. I met another owner from this forum who has a 1991 (Meyers). Our 2 boats are very similiar and very different. The 1991 has a lot of bells and whistles that mine does not. My deck, bilge, and cabin are very basic and simple making it a pleasure to work on. Also, I have the in-line 4cylinder AQ151 and Meyers has the V-8 (not sure size). Our gas mileages are very different but our speeds are not. Back on subject, Great boat. I love mine. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me but dont expect an answer back until Monday. I will be boating/fishing all weekend out of Seward.
    22' Seasport

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    Kammer, Boondocks (Sea Sport dealer in Washington) has a good website with the lastest used available. I have heard many thoughts on how they handle from other owners with the same boat and from people who have been on mine. Controlling the boat seems to be something that takes some practice because it offers some really great control when things get bad, yet can seem squirrely in smooth conditions if your not smooth with the controls. Its as if it was designed to be better the worse it gets. Having the trim tabs at your arm rest is like having fighter plane controls at your fingertips, I have seen a few boats that have them on the dash. Fishing, camping, or just parked on the water with everyone moving around its a stable platform, set a bottle of beer on the table or the back cooler and it probably won't spill.

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    Hansoloalaska, I thought I was talking to Kammer -Opps. If you want to talk boats pm me and we can chat about them.

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