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Thread: What Shipper Do You Use?

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    Default What Shipper Do You Use?

    Walt is suggesting I ship my stuff up to Kotzebue early. With the potential of baggage costs going up I was thinking about shipping most of our stuff up rather than bring it on the plane.

    I checked UPS Ground...oh my.

    36*36*21 box at 145 lbs is $531.

    If I cut that weight in half its still $525.

    The size of the box is the issue.

    Looking for past experience on shipping gear up early from Oregon. Who have you used?


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    Try Carlile Transportation Systems Local number is 907 2832884. From Seattle I've used LyndenTransport Inc Local number is 907 283-9640. Your problem is that it will have to travel at least in part by air. Big bucks.

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    Default Oregon?

    Don't know about getting it from the lower 48 to anchorage and back. but use Everts air cargo for the ANC-Kotz portion. they are good to work with and their rates are the best.

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    Default postal service

    Don't know if it's possible where you're going but we are shipping our gear to Galena ahead of time thru the post office. 108" limit, length plus girth, 70 pounds max. At that dimmention and weight, I was quoted $103 from Wisconsin. We purchased 40 gallon rubbermaid roughneck totes (99" s). We will ship 3 up, 2 weighing about 60 pounds and 1 weighing about 25, wrapped with alot of duck tape. The only things we are flying with are our guns and a change of clothes. Then on the way back, we will ship them back and HOPEFULLY have meat as our checked baggage.

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    Parcel Post from PA to Delta Jct. for 68 pounds in a cardboard box insured for $1000.00 cost $63. Check the USPS website and get an estimate based on your zip code, weight and package size. Package size is very important and the 70 pounds is the max before getting extra charges. Be sure to allow plenty of time. My box took 18 calendar days to arrive in Delta. You can get a tracking number for $0.75 so that you know when the package arrives at the destination.

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    Default USPS Seems to be the best

    Wow, thanks.


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