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Thread: Mulchatna Caribou

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    Default Mulchatna Caribou

    I havn't looked or heard much about the Muclchatna herd numbers. I am considering a trip out this fall but would like any info anyone may have on the numbers and/or success from the last couple years.

    Any info will be appreciated.



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    Default Check

    with the ADF&G wildlife biologist. They will know & be glad to share that knowledge.

    I haven't heard anything that implies the Mulchatne herd has improved. If that's the case, I would be looking at the Western Arctic Herd.

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    Default Mulchatna

    Yes check whit fish and game they should have more info but I think herd is still going down. Last winter it was three caribous and this year it`s going to be two if I read the regulations right. We need to get those wolfs out. Theres way too many running a round still.

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    Default Don't do it.

    I did the hunt 4 years ago, and there wasn't a good bull to be found for miles. We saw lots of caribou, but no trophies and the first place we hunted we saw 7 caribou in 3 days. I agree about the wolves. It's amazing how many idiots think wolves are so great and should never be harmed.
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    Jim Woolington is the area biologist. Jim.Woolington@alaska@gov
    I've hunted the Mulchatna herd since 2001 (2007 tried a goat hunt instead of caribou)and will do so again this year. I have seen big bulls every time. 2006 I finally took one since I took the last shot and the big one was still there. They are out there, not in the numbers of the mid to late 90s and the ones that are there are more spread out. In 06 we probably only saw 150 caribou in four days vs the higher numbers on earlier hunts.

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    Default Still declining

    After flying the country this weekend, I would have to say that the herd is still declining.



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