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    Default Leica Televid 62

    How many of you guys are using one of these and how do you like it. I did a little swaparoo with the Minox 62 ED I bought and ended up with one of these. Its Leica Certified Pre owned with a 10 year warranty from Leica, and I got a good price on it. Looking forward to looking through it. Should I be excited?

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    Default Yes

    That's what I carry in the mounains. I like it. Even having fair success taking video through it.

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    Default Akcub....

    Like I told you before....Zeiss and Lieca are a toss up on which is the best spotter according to birders. I use Swarovski, but I think the Lieca is a better spotter. I think Swarovski European rifle scopes are better than Leica rifle scopes though.

    Excellent scope you got, good trade....By the way how did the Minox work for you?

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    The Minox worked well, however the eyepiece I got only went to 42X although it had great eye relief I wanted a little more for sheep hunting. Also I wasn't happy with the non locking eyepiece. It would twist off when going from a high power to a low power. I think there was something wrong with the eyepiece notches on the body. I dealt with Doug from Cameraland and he hooked me up as always. Its amazing to see someone do the kind of business h does. he wants you to be 100% happy with what you buy from him, thats hard to find these days. The glass was very good on the Minox though, even my buddy with the Zeiss Diascope 85 commented on how good the glass was. I am pumped that I got the Leica and the price was good also, we'll see.

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    Default Leica vs Swarvoski

    When shopping for one of the new "light" spotting scoped I put the question to a number of outfitters and guides about which one was "better". It was about 50/50 re: the optics of one vs the other but there was a general concenses that the Leica was better able to handle the punishment commonly endured in sheep hunting.

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    Did you get the fully armored version?


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