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    Would you think that a total pack weight of 60 pounds to be unreasonable for a week long excursion? That includes weight of the gun and everything...well everything except water because I consider that expendable weight and thus don't count it but I plan on having a 2 Liter bladder.
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    Sounds conceivable to me. Adding 2L you would be up to 64.4# and I assume that around 10# of that is food, thus you could drop the weight to just over 50# by the end of the hunt. Fifty pounds plus a smallish animal (deer, sheep, goat) would be reasonable, assuming you are conditioned for the load, your pack can handle the strain, and your mental fortitude is up to snuff.

    I don't know what your packing list is like, but I tend to carry a bit for gear for the longer trips to 1) offer a bit more comfort (better sleeping pad, extra insulation layer) and 2) be prepped for more situations (more first aid).

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    While that is a very heavy pack, you will be well prepared for a hunt in rugged terrain and weather conditions. Especially if you are going remote or flying in. You will be safer and prepared for a lot more conditions than a lighter hunter. Light is fine when you are near the road and can return for different gear if conditions change. You can extend your range by spiking out if the weather is cooperative. You also may have a more enjoyable hunt than someone very light who counts on shooting something quick and leaving without enjoying or scouting an area very thoroughly. Several times I have been successful when others have not by spending more time in the field likely because I always have more gear....For your pack out you may be able to dispose of a lot of weight for your pack out by eating food, disposing of food, using stuff and burning fuel. You will need to be in shape to haul such a pack though.
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