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Thread: Salmon trolling rods

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    Default Salmon trolling rods

    Does anyone have advise on what size rod to use for silvers and/or feeder kings? Is a 7-foot medium weight rod rated 8-17 pound test line too light?
    Any advise is appreciated.

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    Default lamiglas certified pro

    look into a fiberglass certified pro. i love the feel of these fiberglass rods and don't think they are cheap in quality because they are not. Ever since I started using them 8 yrs ago i will never change. I love the feel of fiberglass when hefting up a king on the Kenai. When i lived down there i used the xcf 864 8 1/2ft. you can go down a size for the salt if you want. I used it trolling and it gives a bit more on the bite but when you sock it to 'em you won't lose a thing in power.

    now go buy one and you'll be glad you did. If you can't find one, order from them directly, but if you do, ask them to drop the price if you can't find one in the store. I'm not sure where they sell them. I haven't looked in a long time. I'm not a guide by the way.

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    I use 8'6" ugly sticks with medium to heavy action. They work very well with the down riggers and give the power you need to set the hooks. I use 20 -25 pound line mostly to keep from losing gear.

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    I would go with a longer 8'6" rod rated for 10 - 20lb line. Lamiglass is a good brand with many choices in the $100 - $220 range. I use the Certified Pro line of Lami's. Ugly Stix's are good value, and Shimano has some good trolling rods.

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    Default Depends

    Kinda depends on how bad you really want to get the fish to the net. Last year, I trolled with everything from a 8-1/2' baitcaster with 20 lb test, to a 7' spinner with 14 and a 6' innerline baitcaster with 12. I was fat on salmon and not fishing the derby, so losing fish due to light gear was not a tragedy. Also depends on whether you're using planers or downriggers to troll, or mooching, and what weight terminal tackle you're using. I'll go with the light stuff again this year, unless I have inexperienced fishermen with me. I like the challenge of the light tackle! It's all about the fight at this point in the summer!

    All the other advice is good too, but I think your 7 footer at 8-17 is perfect!



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