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Thread: Technique for fishing King Flies

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    Question Technique for fishing King Flies

    I know the open seasons are over, but I am collecting an assortment of "big" flies for Kings for next season. Wow...already looking forward to next season!). Lots of #2 bunny leeches, Egg Sucking Leeches, popsicles, Maribous, etc. and I will be using a 10wt set-up with sinking line/tip. My question is, what is the best retreive method? Just let it drift through a swing or should I be stripping line. Drift egg patterns but strip flys?? I'm new to fishing salmon with a fly rod, but not other rods and reels for salmon and need a few pointers.

    Thanks to any and all that apply.

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    Unhappy OK, I give...

    I'll ask again in April....


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