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Thread: What's the word on Bird?

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    Default What's the word on Bird?

    Anyone here started to catch those silvers on Bird yet? If so, are they more than trickling in? Also, fishing the incoming or the outgoing tide? I guess one more question worth asking is what are ya using? Is roe allowed on down there?

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    More pink then silvers right now. Chums are also in the river. hopefully next week the silvers will show up in full force.
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    Fished it last night and maybe saw one silver on a stringer in the parking lot. Lots of pinks, got a nice chrome chum, and saw a little brownie. Fun time in short sleeves for a change!

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    Slow... went down hoping for some truth to the good reports coming in; dont know if it was just a bad day or what but it seems nobody was catching much.. and didnt see any silvers besides 2 or 3 from earlier in the day.

    Fished for 2 and a half hours with 2 of my buddies and no one ever caught a pink, however did see a school of around 500 pinks dart by in front of us and i hooked into 2 with no luck landing.


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