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Thread: Valmet/ukka 412/512S

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    Default Valmet/ukka 412/512S

    Does anyone out there have any experience with the Valmet/tikka 412/512S
    rifle system? I'm considering a 9.3x74 over and under. Any comments pro or con would be appreciated.

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    Default valmet man

    Oddly enough, I can offer some personal comments on a Valmet of my own.
    Three inch 12 gauge over 308 win. Over a period of about 30 yrs, I have quite pleased with it. Although it is not a double rifle such as yours, I can comment on it as a first class firearm. As for the 9.3 caliber, it is a good round. I have shot its little brother-9.3X62 and its big brother-9.3X72 belted
    for quite a while and both perform admirably. Although one may feel the bullet weight selection for the 9.3 is somewhat limited-it is fairly extensive and at
    232-250-270-285-300-325 is a reloaders dream-especially in the super strong
    Valmet. Good shooting and enjoy a fine gun and a great round.


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