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Thread: Muddy Water Fishing Comments

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    Question Muddy Water Fishing Comments

    I am just curious how different people deal with seriously muddy water in the rivers such as we have in the interior now. I am mostly referring to sheefish, pike, grayling, etc... but also wondering about the salmon, though they seem a bit easier to coax than the others.

    I have heard many theories and have yet to come up with one of my own that works consistently, and just wondering how people catch their fish when its raining on the river. Where are you finding the fish, how and what are you presenting, and how good is your success rate?

    Hopefully this will get us all thinking and keep us out on the water despite the ugly murky water.

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    Bigger bulkier baits work best in the mud. For Grayling and Pike try bushy black leeches. The bait needs to be put right on their nose though. If it's legal use scent on your lures. I have yet to catch a Sheefish on the fly (not from lack of trying) but catch plenty on spoons. Again if it's legal put some scent on. The big problem is they are all sight feeders and with the mud their vision is limited. Anything you can do to create more vibration and scent will up your odds.


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