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    Default MIDDLE / uPPER kENAI

    Any trout bums with any news on these magnificent stretches of water? I'm thinking about foregoing the last few days of king season for some bows if there's any fish to be had. Any water reports? Word was the upper is a bit high right now... Any info shall be greatly appreciated.

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    Smile Just got back

    from 5 days on the upper. I did sportmans to jims only. Water is still very high for this time of year but has come down quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. Trout fishing was id say average for this time of year. Half dozen bows and dollies each day. Patterns were all messed up though. One day beads for a bit the ESL's. Next day chosen specials and flesh. Bunny Leeches were consistant. Not a lot of reds in the river yet either so i dont expect beads to turn on for a couple of more weeks. Alot of guides were plugging. Still had great weather and the biggest bow was 27" and dolly 26". Still slim though as they have not started piggin out. Also the black and brown fuzzy critters are all over from sportmans to jims. I took my aces hockey cowbell for my noise maker on my raft and found blackies who get a bit to close do not like them at all. They one i think even pooped himself when i rang the thing. Did not need to and dont want to try it on a brownie.
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    Default dan man

    ive been on the upper and lower quite a bit this year. mainly fishing the middle most recently from skilak to bings.. and found the trout fishing to be really slow but the reds are still flowing!!! the upper has been way to high to catch anything off the boat for me...ive only been picking up the pigs from the beach. the water levels are high on the upper and the middle... definently higher than last yr!!!!

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    Default skilak to bings

    How is the float from skilak to bings? Is it easy on a 1 man cat?

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    Default should be fine, but...

    It's quite a row from the launch to the river. Don't miss bing's cuz Naptowne's next. Not sure what kind of cat you have, but with the high water this year...might be sketchy in a 1-man.
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