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Thread: Klutina Dollies?

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    Question Klutina Dollies?

    Has anyone fished the Klutina for dollies? The few times I have fished the Klutina it seems so fast and silted I can't figure out what to use or where to go for dollies. Would you have to hike in close to the lake to find some slower water? What flies/lures would you use? Would like to give it a try this fall and was wondering if anyone would share some knowledge.

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    Default Ive been wondering that too.

    Always been able to catch grayling in there but never any Dollies. My guess would be that since the Reds spawn in the lake that they would stay in there to feed on smolt in the spring and eggs during the spawn. I believe that Klutina lake has Lake trout in it though so there might not even be any dollies in there. I dont know.

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    A buddy and I caught some small dollies by accident upstream of the bridge by the big boulder (where alot of the guides put it at.) I'll tell you one thing, though, that road is not worth the drive all the way to the lake 5 - 10mph for 20+ miles... Not to mention if the river is high a good portion of it will be flooded.

    Anyway, I have heard some good luck stories on the lake with eggs, one native I ran across had a boat, and said he was catching them on minnows - his wife was quick to chime in with 'false minnows;' not live bait

    My suggestion would be to look for a nice eddy with a good back current that you can throw some eggs in and let them come to you. That's what the boulder is like, where we caught ours.

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    Default Beads

    With the salmon spawning, those dollies are eating up those eggs, so find a nice back eddy or stagnant area and throw a bead in, I'm sure it would work just fine. Saw a guy pull a nice dolly in June using just a bead, I even saw him catch one with a coho fly, but I think it was just dumb luck.

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